My strongest attraction to photography lies in creating landscape images of any genre. Everything that involves obtaining an interesting landscape image, is exciting to me: from finding the location (at times an adventure) to getting the composition of the story I want to tell.

The location itself may be the subject of interest, or it may serve as a provocative backdrop to something else. It may spark artistic interest, inspire people to travel or simply reflect the unique character of a key element in a landscape composition.

Statement: Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something of interest and turning it into a material representation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see or imagine them: often we do not see what we are looking at.

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MORE About me

Born in Madrid (Spain), I grew up in different parts of the USA: Washington, Montana, Texas and Illinois. In my late teens up to the age of twenty-five, I got the chance to live in Oxfordshire, England, where I received my education in computer sciences (Maryland University). I owe the opportunity I was given to travel and adapt to different places and cultures, from a very early childhood, to my parents.

My goal as a landscape photographer is to bring out and document how I interpret the beauty, the strength, the attraction, the simplicity, the unforeseen or the unnoticeable of a location. 

I am based in Madrid, Spain, but I am available for travel for projects throughout Europe.  

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