Tips on converting color images to black and white

27 diciembre 2023 - Fotografía de paisaje - Comentar -

Enable gray scale mode

Trying to find what color photographs make good black and white images can be quite a task if you have to go through each and every...

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What makes a great photograph?

23 noviembre 2023 - Fotografía de paisaje - Comentar -

Here is what comes to mind:

1. A subject that produces visual interest: something that captures the viewer’s mind for one reason or another. The viewer may be drawn...
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Part I - Capturing the scene

22 diciembre 2022 - Image Stacking - Comentar -

One of the most popular techniques in landscape photography is “Focus Stacking”. The purpose of focus stacking is to get the sharpest point of focus possible from top to...

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Part II - Processing images in Photoshop

21 diciembre 2022 - Image Stacking - Comentar -

Focus Stacking with Photoshop.

Putting your images together on your computer would be the next important step in the Focus Stacking process. Here is where we must process the photographs...

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